by Karl Arnold Belser 4 December 2017

A square dance club needs two types of insurance, liability insurance and property damage insurance.  

Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 provides protection for volunteers that work voluntarily for a club provided they obey the laws of the United States. Hence no liability policy is required for the rockin' Jokers Square Dance club, which is a 501(C)(7) non-profit corporation.

The United Square Dancers of America offers an inexpensive property damage insurance policy. This document describes how to fill out and submit
the essential forms to USDA as a
non-affiliated club.

NOTE: Non-affiliated means that the club does not get insurance though a local or state square dance association.
Rockin' Jokers has chosen to be a non-affiliated club because local or state square dance entities usually charge a significant fee per club member to file these forms with the USDA. These intermediate entities have been very slow and/or unresponsive in the past. Further, individual clubs that file through other entities are forbidden to contact USDA directly. Lastly, the USDA Dancer Insurance Summary includes secondary medical insurance which past experience has shown to be worthless. So the club should avoid wasting time by filing medical insurance claims.

1.  The first form is the CLUB ROSTER FORM  which USDA provides in both PDF and WORD. The PDF has to be filled in by hand. The WORD form can be updated and printed every year. See the
USDA Insurance Forms page, fourth from the top. Use the current club roster as of December as a guide.

provides in both PDF and WORD. See the USDA Insurance Forms page, fifth from the top. Rockin' Jokers has members from CPSD (See Karl Belser), the Katydids (See Lloyd Darknell) and belonging to the Pacific Square Dance Federation (See Nancy Shelton).

3.  Next one may need the ADDITIONAL DANCER ENROLLMENT FORM when a new dancer joins the club in the middle of the year.
 The USDA provides this form in both PDF and WORD. See the USDA Insurance Forms page, seventh from the top.

4.  One needs an insurance certificate for every venue. Starting  recently one has to fill in a separate REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATE for for each venue.
The USDA provides this form in both PDF and WORD. See the USDA Insurance Forms page, tenth from the top. last year's request just has to be updated with a new year.

One usually supplies a cover letter with the package as follows:


December 5, 2017

Pat Inglis
USDA National Insurance Coordinator
P.O. Box 22
Tucker, GA 30085-0022

Subject: Square Dance Insurance for 2018

Dear Pat:

The Rockin’ Jokers is renewing its dancer and location insurance through USDA for 2018. 

The club has 109 members of which 10 pay insurance through other clubs. Enclosed is a check for the insurance premium for the remaining 99 members. The total premium is $569.25 (99 x $5.75).

Attached are the club roster and dance location forms (5 pages total) that you require. 


Insurance Coordinator, Rockin’ Jokers


1)    2018 Dancer Insurance Roster (3 Pages)
2)    2018 Dancers Paying Thru Another Club (1 Page)
3)    2018 Dance Location Listing (1 Page)
4)    Insurance premium check for: $569.25

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