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  September 2008
by Lola Michael
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 09/08)

Jokay and Kirk Bednar hosted  the Rockin’ Jokers in an enjoyable afternoon playing croquet and visiting.   A  BBQ pot luck was enjoyed after the game.    This is the third year for this event and we thank the Bednars for their hospitality.

The Tapestry Arts Festival in downtown San Jose found a large number of  Rockin’ Jokers and many other club dancers demonstrating how much fun square dancing can be. It was a three day affair with many callers and dancers participating.

On September 17 the Rockin’ Jokers, Bows and Beaus,  and  Krazy Dazys will sponsor a mid-week hoedown featuring Nasser Shukayr from Harlington, Texas with rounds by John Flora.  This will be held at Hyde Middle School on Bollinger Road in Cupertino.  All clubs are welcome for a fun evening.

Carol and Otto Schmid enjoyed a Mediterranean cruise stopping in many historic ports.   Doug and Jeri Bates are back at club after spending a month traveling  in  Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.  Carole and Jim Hood spent two weeks in the New England states. 

Marion Pava has had her long awaited knee replacement and is doing well.
We welcome Vicky and Michael Macias, and Bev Kuhar as new Rockin’ Jokers.

Anna Mae and Van Symons recently celebrated their 54th Wedding Anniversary.  Again this proves if you dance together you stay together.  Congratulations.

The Rockin’ Jokers and many other clubs are supporting the CPSD (Committee to Promote Square Dancing).  The class starts on September 4 at 6:30 at the Camden Community Center on Union Avenue.  Roger Smith will be the teacher for this class.

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