2008 Rockin' Jokers HOOoooDown
Photos by John Caywood

Sue and Jed
HOOoooDown Chairmen, Sue & Jed Cyr

Karen and Duane
Karen and Duane Stevens

Allen and Carol
Allen and Carol Glesser

Karl and Jackie
RJ President, Jackie Daemion, and Karl Belser

Roger and Josie
RJ caller Roger Smith with Josie Baumgartner (L) and Linda Caywood (R)

Roger and the Caywoods
Roger with Linda and John Caywood

Joe Carboni (L), Josie Baumgartner, Anna Hogel, and Tillie Tillman

Harold and Lee
Harold and Lee Fleeman

Marcus and Dorothy
Marcus and Dorothy Haskins

Bill Steinberg

Karl Belser selling Split-the-Pot tickets

Vickie and Michael
Vicky and Michael Macias

Karen, Sue, and Linda
Karen, Sue and Linda

Scott et al
Scott and Donna Lawrence with Joanne Jones

Scot et al
Dave and Nancy Walb with Scott and Donna

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