by Caroline Fifield (with Karl Belser)

The Rockin' Jockers Chatter in the December 2005 issue of Squares 'Round the Bay stated that "We still don't know who the alien was," but the mystery has been resolved as described in the paragraphs below:

Allen Glesser, the club president, described the Rockin' Jokers First Annual Halloween Party as a "most memorable night.   We all went home mystified as to the true identity of Ay-leigh-ann."  Ay-leigh-ann was the first prize costume winner. 

The Alien

The Alien sneaking up on Mickie and Minnie
(Photo by Marleah Scott)

The thing was a three-breasted alien, dressed in a silver and brilliant blue square dance outfit, with holographic eyeglasses, a breathing mask and a multi-colored metallic spiked hat.  Although Ay-leigh-ann didn't speak a word all night, it was observed that the thing had no trouble following the 2 Roger's directions (Roger Smith and the guest caller Roger Helmsley from England).  At one point, Ay-leigh-ann even guided someone into their final Zoom position - "Zoom" being one thing aliens are obviously good at!

Early on in the evening, Charles Jolly did come up with a suggestion as to who Ay-leigh-ann really was, and a search was made in the parking lot for the person's car. However they didn't recognize the thing's "spaceship" which was a large truck complete with alien ham radio antennas and a satellite dish! One square also thought that Ay-leigh-ann was really the club cuer, John Flora.

Ay-leigh-ann, as it turns out, was in fact a true alien.  In 1992, the Immigration and Naturalization Service classified her, yes the alien is a woman, as a "Registered Alien" when she moved from England with her alien husband and 2 alien sons.  She now has the much nicer sounding title of Permanent Resident and an American born son, and all we have to fear is her great sense of humor.  The totally disguised alien was no other than Caroline Fifield.

Caroline is a friend of Rockin' Jokers member, Gary Hinze and the two are partners at Square Hoppers and Star Eights.  Both graduated from Plus classes in 2005, and then took a Fast Advanced class together with callers Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell and Bill van Melle at Belle Swingers (plus Stanford Quads) in time to dance A1 and A2 at the Jubilee.  They can also be found dancing at Westminster squares and various hoedowns and special events. 

Gary is reported to have said that he was 99.995% sure that  Ay-leigh-ann was Caroline except that she was meant to be dancing with Belle Swingers at Krazy Dazys that night.  Originally they had planned to carpool and dance together until Gary realized that it was the  Rockin' Jokers Halloween Party and he was on squarehead duty.  He was still not 100% sure who  Ay-leigh-ann was - until Caroline arrived at Square Hoppers the following night, and showed him her brilliant blue fingernails.

Caroline thanks the Rockin' Jokers for the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and of course, the prize money.

"It was very kind of everyone to interpret my gestures instead of talking," she said.  "I am truely afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, you know."

She also wants the club to move away from the hanging ghosts because they attacked her hat.   Does this mean that the alien is going to appear again?

In particular, Caroline says a Big Thank You to Allen Glesser, Frank the Sheriff, Bud Davis, Roger Helmsley, Gary Hinze and Bill Malloy for the courage to take her outstretched hand (yuck) and accepting her invitation to dance. 

 "The Rockin' Jokers rock,"
Caroline said, "and I had a blast.

* * *
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