These documents came from the Rafter Rocker scrap books. The photos and documents  were distributed to former members. Some of the documents are posted here:

1990 Circus Circus Flyer
1982 CC/Anniversary Flyer - See note below
1978 Anniversary Flyer

1976 Anniversary Flyer

1958 Anniversary Flyer


The Rafter Rocker anniversary dance was renamed Circus Circus in about 1982 and the c
lub members, including Wilkes Joy, Otto Schmidt, and Frank Smith, made many, large, painted plywood animals as decorations. In 2004 some of these animals were in bad repair and were replaced by large, painted posters drawn by Karl Belser, Jackie Daemion and others.  

In 2010 Bruce Jordan, KooKoo the Clown, gave the Rockin' Jokers many circus posters for the Rockin' Joker 5th Anniversary party, which also corresponded to the 55th anniversary of the old Rafter Rocker club.

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