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  OCTOBER 2005
by Marv and Ina Tanner

Our principal activity for September was a beginner’s square dance class.  We have named our beginner’s class the Rockin’ Jesters.  Van Symons and Jim Kauss, with the help from club members, have been publicizing our class. We are enthusiastic about introducing more people to square dancing. We are fortunate having our caller Roger Smith and his partner Josie Baumgartner as catalysts for newer dancers.

We recently made an important change in our club composition.  The Rockin’ Jokers are now a couples/singles club.  We made this change to be inclusive of a broader population of square dancers.  So in August, Marleah  Scott, a recent single graduate of our last class, became our newest member of  the Rockin’ Jokers.

Late in September, elections for the first elected board of the Rockin’ Jokers were held. Karl Belser and Bud Davis were actively pulling together a committed slate of officers. Our camping group had a fun time of games and feasting at their outing at the Monterey Vacation RV Park in Aromas. Ed and Norma Rosenberg and Jerry and Ellie Murphy fulfilled the chuck wagon duties quite well. 

Several of our members have ventured to far off places recently. The Glessers went to Cape Cod, the DePalmos have been to New York City, the Arndts are in the Greek Isles, the Tanners are in Boston, and the Edwards were traveling in Alaska.

With October here, we are looking forward to attending the 49th Annual Jubilee at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  We remember the great Jubilees held there in the past and are sure it will be a grand success.

Best wishes are extended to Mel Grant, Van Symons and Ina Tanner who are recovering from recent surgeries.  We hope to see them back dancing soon.

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