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by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in The Prompter, 11/05 issue)

Our Rockin’ Jesters beginner’s class is off to a good start with over three squares of enthusiastic newer dancers.  Our caller Roger Smith is keeping the class active and energetic.  We finished our September introduction to square dancing with a potluck dinner provided by our club and enjoyed by all.

In September several Rockin’ Jokers attended the San Jose Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society concert and ice cream social.  Special guests of ours were Jack and Marion Stewart, former Rafter Rockers.  

On September 24th, Rockin’ Jokers Bob and Annie Bennett, Chuck and Phyllis DePalmo, Allen and Carol Glesser, Gary Hinze, Joanne Jones, and Frank Kistler (along with two other squares of dancers from other local clubs) danced to Jim Osborne’s great calling at the NBC11 “Living Well 2005” exhibition at the San Jose Convention Center. The exhibition was attended by over 35,000 people, and was a chance for the square dancers to demonstrate Modern Western Square Dancing and encourage attendees at the exhibition to join one of the newer square dance classes.

Our first election of officers was held in September.  Those elected are:

President - Jackie Daemion,
Vice-President - Jim Kauss,
Secretary - JoKay Bednar,
Treasurer - Debbie Malloy,

Board Members:  Allen Glesser (Past President)
                             Chuck DePalmo,
                             Marleah Scott,
                             Bill Steinberg and Lola Michael,
                             Van Symons, and
                             Marv Tanner

On October 8th, our old and new board combined business with pleasure at Harry’s Hofbrau where we had our changeover board meeting.

Many Rockin’ Jokers are planning to attend the 49th Annual Jubilee at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  We look forward to a successful Jubilee and hope future ones will continue to be held at the fairgrounds.  We ended October with a fun-filled Halloween party.              

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