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by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in
Squares 'Round the Bay, 01/06)

The Rockin’ Jokers wish all square dancers a Happy New Year of enjoyable dancing.  Our tributes go to Jane Bishop and her many helpers for providing a festive time at the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Dance.  Every year this dance gets bigger and better. Our Newer Dancer Hoedown in December gave our Rockin’ Jesters and other beginners the pleasure of hoedown dancing.  Thanks to Roger Smith and Harold Fleeman for their great calling.  Bright and early Sunday (Dec 4th) several of our Rockin’ Jokers joined with other valley dancers in the San Jose Christmas Parade.  In keeping with the Christmas spirit, on Dec 10th the Rockin’ Jokers danced at the Terreno Gardens extended care center in Los Gatos.  We ended the holiday season with a gala Christmas Party

Our social planners, Bill Steinberg and Lola Michael, will be arranging for monthly social activities.  In January we will attend the Gaslighter Theater in Campbell.  We are looking forward to a fun evening out

We have been fortunate to have Roger Helmsley attend our Rockin’ Jesters beginner’s class with his partner Charlene McAndrews.  Roger is a square dance caller for the Wheel Around Weldon club in England.  He recently returned to his home in Gweek, Cornwall County for the winter, but expects to return to California in the spring.  As a parting gift, he left us with a poem about the pleasures he had dancing with us

Lois Kauss is recovering from a recent stroke, and we hope to see her visit at club soon.  We wish Jean Adams a swift recovery from knee surgery.   Our square dance community will miss Mac McMillan who passed away in November.  Mac and Lee graced several of our dance clubs.  Our condolences are extended to Mac’s wife, Lee

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