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by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in
Squares 'Round the Bay, 02/06)

The Rockin’ Jokers started the New Year in good spirits by enjoying two good hoedowns.  We were treated to great dancing at the perennial Running Bear Hoedown.  It was a joy to dance to Scot Byars calling and to Chuck and Shirley Hurst cuing.  The next Saturday, we supported our Rockin’ Jesters beginners at the Lucky Steppers newer dancer hoedown with Harold Fleeman and Roger Smith calling.  The dance night on January 14th just happened to be caller Roger Smith’s birthday.  Naturally, we took the opportunity to help him celebrate in good style

This month we wish our Valentines a very special greeting and a Yellow Rock.  Coming up in February will be a social night out at the Gaslighter Theater in Campbell.  Thanks to our social organizers Bill Steinberg and Lola Michael for planning this fun event.  They are also making plans for future social gatherings.

Congratulations to Bob and Judy Hogan on the birth of their second grandson.  Bob and Judy also are happy owners of a new motorhome.  We expect to see them start enjoying travel around our great land.  Talking about travel, Jackie Daemion and Karl Belser enjoyed vacation time in Acapulco in January.   This month, Bill Steinberg and Lola Michael will be traveling to Florida.

It was a joy to have Lois Kauss attend our Christmas Party.  She is making great progress in recovering from a stroke.

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