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MARCH 2006
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in
Squares 'Round the Bay, 03/06)

Beginning February 1st, the Rockin’ Jokers started dancing at the Cambrian Park United Methodist Church, bounded by Leigh Ave., Gunston Way and Wyrick Ave.  If you need a map to find us, one may be found on our website

Thanks to the Katydids many Rockin’ Jokers enjoyed the Sweethearts Special.  It was a perfect opportunity to dance with our valentines.  Our party night in February was very special as it gave us a venue to express our valentine’s wishes.  At the end of  February, many Rockin’ Jokers enjoyed a social night out at the Gaslighter Theater in Campbell.  We began our evening with a delicious meal at Katie Bloom’s Irish Pub and Restaurant across from the theater.  The melodrama was great fun and had us both in tears and laughter.  Our thanks go to Bill Steinberg and Lola Michael for organizing this entertaining evening.  Coming up in March, Bill and Lola have planned a night of swing dancing to the 10th Avenue Band at the Avalon Night Club.

Dancing around, we heard that the Winter Festival was a great success, with attendance up.  Several Rockin’ Jokers went and had a wonderful time.

We have missed Phyllis DePalmo due to her recent shoulder surgery.  She is on the mend, and we look forward to seeing her again on the dance floor.  Phyllis has not been idle.  She and Chuck are chairing our Circus Circus which is coming up on April 8th.  Be sure to mark your calendars; you won’t want to miss this traditional dance.

Roger Hemsley has returned from England.  His tribute poem was published in the January issue of “Squares ‘Round the Bay”.  Roger is supporting his partner Charlene McAndrew

In closing, your Club Chatter authors, Marv and Ina Tanner became proud great-grandparents.

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