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APRIL 2006
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in
Squares 'Round the Bay, 04/06)

The Rockin’ Jokers enjoyed an active February.  Over three squares of Rockin’ Jokers were at the Katydid’s Sweetheart Special.  Our Valentine’s Party was special with the revival of the Valentine-framed photos taken by our able photographers Marleah Scott and Karl Belser.  You can view these sweetheart photos on our website  A large group of Rockin’ Jokers had a fun night out at Katie Bloom’s for dinner and melodrama entertainment at the Gaslighter Theater in Campbell.  Ester Burton was our star, as it was her birthday.  Also in February we welcomed new Rockin’ Jokers: Jed & Sue Cyr, Bill Matolyak, Teddy McKenzie and Patty Stevens.

We were saddened by the passing of Marge Winneford and Lois Kauss.  These fine ladies had a long history of square dancing in our area.  We will miss them.  Lois’s husband, Jim Kauss, has been our club Vice President.  Bob Bennett has volunteered to step in for Jim.

With March here already, we are looking forward to a night of swing dancing to the 10th  Lola Michael and Bill Steinberg have planned this evening for us.  Much green will be displayed when we have our St. Patrick’s Day party night.  Plans are in place for our Circus Circus Hoedown on April 8th.  Chuck and Phyllis DePalmo have all committees set to make the dance a fun and colorful annual event.  Phyllis Avenue Band at the Avalon Night Club. has returned to our club dances, but she is being very careful with her repaired shoulder.

Several of our Rockin' Jokers have the urge to travel.  JoKay and Kirk Bednar are in San Antonio, Allan and Carol Glesser are visiting in Flagstaff, Lola Mochaels and Bill Steinberg are in Florida, Marv Tanner is in Mississippi doing huricane relief, and Don and Jean Arndt are sailing across the Atlantic.

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