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  MAY 2006
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in
Squares 'Round the Bay, 05/06)

The Rockin’ Jokers had a good turnout on a Sunday afternoon in March dancing to the 10th Avenue Band at the Avalon Night Club.  We recommend this activity for those dancers who enjoy swing dancing or listening to entertaining music.  See the complete band schedule at:

We also hosted the March 5th Wednesday dance.  This was our first 5th Wednesday dance in our new hall at the Cambrian Methodist Church.  We “cleared” the hall of furniture to accommodate 12 squares of dancers; all of whom seemed to have a great time. 

Allen and Carol Glesser
organized a group trip to see Beach Blanket Babylon as our April activity. Their son was in the cast and left the production at the end of April.  Our party night theme for April was “Hard Luck”.  Coming just after the tax deadline, many of our dancers came showing how down on their luck they were after paying so much money to Uncle Sam.  Lastly we hosted our first Rockin’ Jokers version of the long-standing Circus Circus hoedown.  We will give a full report next month.  Many thanks go to Chuck and Phyllis DePalmo for being in charge of the hoedown.

After considering the merits of having a “club dress”, we have decided to have colors which we will coordinate in our dress attire.  The colors are red, black and white, which are the colors of our club badge

In March we welcomed new Rockin’ Jokers: Dorothy Hinze and Pat and Pete Kane.  We are happy to have Lisa and Jim Palmer back.  Lisa fell a few months ago, and severely injured her leg.  Our best wishes go to our Rockin’ Jokers president, Jackie Daemion who is recovering from foot surgery.  We are also sending good thoughts to Herb Meltzer, who experienced a moderate stroke

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