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by Jackie Daemion & Karl Belser
(Published in
Squares 'Round the Bay, 09/06)

So, was the summer HOT enough for you?

Marv & Ina Tanner are still on their trip to St. Petersburg & Scandinavia so we are filling in this month.

The Rockin’ Jokers have had a very busy summer.  Many of us have discovered a great game called Montana Golf, which we learned at the Club picnic in July.  We enjoyed the game so much that several of us were motivated to buy the game from former club members, Dixie & Dave Davison, who make and sell the game in their spare time. In August, we enjoyed BBQ & Croquet at Kirk & JoKay’s and, wouldn’t you know, a Montana Golf game broke out while we awaited our turn on the croquet court.  Thank you to Kirk & JoKay Bednar  Thanks also goes to Lola Michael & Bill Steinberg for continuing to arrange all sorts of interesting activities for our off-the-dance-floor leisure time.  Next, we are looking forward to an evening of “Shady Shakespeare” at Sanborn Park in Saratoga on Saturday, Sept. 9.  We will sip and nibble a bit under the redwoods and then enjoy “The Taming Of The Shrew” on the beautifully rustic outdoor stage.

As you are reading this article, several Rockin’ Jokers are enjoying the Mid-Cal Classic Labor Day Festival at Los Banos with Jet Roberts & Bob BaierVan Symons keeps us up-to-date on all of the festivals within driving distance.

Jackie Daemion & Karl Belser enjoyed meeting leaders of square dance associations from around the state when they assisted in the hospitality room at the SCVSDA-hosted California Square Dance Council meeting in August.  It is always good to talk to out-of-the-area dancers and find out what is working well for them that we might incorporate into our plans.

Long-time club member, Ruth Tillman, has moved into a skilled care center.  Tillie Tillman  We send them both our very best regards. We are happy to report that Betty Kistler is making good progress with her recovery from hip surgery.  We look forward to seeing her back at Club.

We take great pleasure in welcoming new members to the Club:  Gunnar Kristensen, who has been an active dancer in the area for many years and Joe & Marion Pava.  Joe was president of the SCVSDA many years ago and Marion is a newer dancer.  They moved from Canada recently.

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