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  MARCH 2007
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 03/07)

Our 5th Wednesday dance in January was exhilarating.  The Wednesday callers took turns calling tips to twelve squares dancing. Our club cuer, John Flora, is a favorite with the round dancers.   Sue Hsu, a dancer from Taipei, was a special guest.  Our dancers also enjoyed the February Newer Dancer Hoedown and the Katydids Sweetheart Special Hoedown.

Our new Activities Chairmen Pat and Pete Kane have started their term by planning some new and appealing events. We had a very good turn out for ballroom dancing at the Avalon Night Club.  The music was lovely, the food was very good, and the Bednars and the Belser/Daemions won the door prizes.  In February we toured the Hayes Mansion, and ate at Marie Calendars.  During March we will attend the Santa Clara County Fiddler's Association Jamboree at Hoover School, with dinner at Round Table Pizza.  This promises to be a great foot stomping time.  Later in March we plan to attend a performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" and finish the evening with a potluck dessert at Sue and Jed Cyr's.

Our Circus Circus Hoedown on March 24th   is the main event.  This annual hoedown is a valley favorite, and is noted for great calling, terrific raffle prizes and appetizing food.  This year, Circus Circus will feature Rick Hampton calling and John Flora cueing.  Chairmen for this year's hoedown are Jed and Sue Cyr.  Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to join the circus on March 24th. 

We recently welcomed new members Sandy Fletcher, John Verhagen and Evie Christianson.  It was good to see Marion Pava visiting; she is recovering from knee surgery she had in January.  Dean Davison, one of our regular guests, had surgery, and we wish him well.

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