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  APRIL 2007
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 04/07)

Our social activity in February was a tour of the Hayes Mansion, the "Gem of Edenvale." The Rockin' Jokers learned some history of San Jose and why we have streets names for the Chynoweth and Hayes families.  Remember Frontier Village?  It was a great place for family and school parties.  It was on the grounds of the Hayes Mansion.  The Valentine's party night was great with a sea of dancers in red attire.  It was good to see former members John and Estelle Casey visiting and having fun. At this writing, we are anticipating our March day out to the Santa Clara County Fiddler's Association Jamboree at Hoover School.  We know Pat and Pete Kane have planned a fun time for us all.  At the end of March we will attend a performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" in Santa Clara.  After the performance we will have a potluck dessert party at the home of Sue and Jed Cyr. 

At this writing, it is too early to report on our Circus Circus Hoedown held at the end of March.  But this annual hoedown is a favorite of many dancers, and is noted by great calling and plenty of appetizing food.  This year, Circus Circus featured Rick Hampton calling and John Flora cueing.  Chairpersons for this year's hoedown were Jed and Sue Cyr.  In April, the Rockin' Jokers are having a docent tour of Filoli with lunch in the Filoli Café.  We are looking forward to seeing the display of beautiful spring flowers.
We recently welcomed new members Dorothy and Marcus Haskins.   We wish a speedy return of Marge Elizondo, Joann Linefelter, Gary Hinze and Ray Strong who are all recovering from illnesses.

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