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  MAY 2007
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 05/07)

rCircus Circus in March was a premier event for the Rockin' Jokers.   Jed and Sue Cyr were chairpersons, and Circus Circus met all expectations with many dancers, great calling and cueing by Rick Hampton and John Flora and delicious food.  At Circus Circus Tillie Tillman was presented a Golden Dancer Certificate, which is awarded by the California Square Dance Council to recognize elder statesmen and women.  Earlier in March, two squares of Rockin' Jokers danced at the Bakersfield Fiesta. 

Roger Hemsley is back having moved from Cornwall, UK.  He and Charlene McAndrews have become our newest members.  There was much cheer when Roger and Charlene announced their May wedding.  

Pat and Pete Kane are great Social Chairpersons.  In April, we had free lawn bowling lessons at Branhall Park in Willow Glen followed by lunch at the Taiwan Restaurant.  In May, we are going on the van tour of the New Almaden Quicksilver Mines.

May 16th will be Amateur Callers Night.  Members are practicing their calling, and this promises to be a fun evening.  We are looking forward to the Golden State Roundup over Memorial Day Weekend in San Ramon.  John Flora & Dolores Ferrero are the General Chairpersons for this year's festival.

Our traveling dancers include; Chuck & Phyllis DePalmo who toured in Argentina, Bill Steinberg & Lola Michael and Ray Bareiss & Marge Elizondo were on a cruise which included a tour of Copper Canyon, Mexico.  Otto & Carol Schmid were on a cruise and Jackie Daemion & Karl Belser traveled through Copper Canyon.

We are glad to see Van Symons, even for limited dancing.  Marion Pava, Joan Blood and Carol Schmid have had surgeries and are recovering.  We wish them well and look forward to their return.

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