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  June & July 2007
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 06/07)

Our recent dance and social activities have kept the Rockin' Jokers fully engaged on the dance floor and off.  Josie Baumgartner led a marvelous tour of the Filoli house and gardens where she used to be a docent.  In early May, an adventurous group of Rockin' Jokers were able to go on a van tour of the New Almaden Quicksilver Mines.  Our premier event in May was Amateur Callers Night.  Our Rockin' Jokers callers were Allen Glesser, Karl Belser, Ray Bareiss, Gary Evans, Jim Kauss, Markus Haskins and Ray Strong.  These amateur callers are always happy to have a great group of dancers with whom to practice their skills.   Several club members enjoyed the Golden State Roundup over Memorial Day Weekend in San Ramon; John Flora & Dolores Ferrero were the General Chairpersons.

Thanks to Jed &Sue Cyr for arranging a June night out at a San Jose Giants game where we will also partake of the tasty BBQ.  We will have a special "Silver to Gold Anniversaries" party night to honor Marlene & Frank Rivas (50 years) and Helen and Twich Twichell (40 years).  Others who have been members for at least 25 years are Bob & Susan Cavallaro, Chuck & Phyllis DePalmo, Otto & Carol Schmid, Ray Strong and Van & Anna May Symons.  In July, our annual picnic will be at Stevens Creek County Park in the Villa Maria area, which is nicely shaded.  As always, we will enjoy food, games, hiking and visiting.

Jim Kauss did a fine job filling in for President Jackie Daemion while she and Karl Belser were traveling through Copper Canyon.  Marion Pava, Joan Blood and Carol Schmid have had surgeries and are recovering.  We wish them well and look forward to their return.

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