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  September 2007
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 09/07)

Our annual picnic was terrific.  Many came, and thanks go to Jim Kauss and Patty Stevens for the primary planning and set up.  That was some dice game that lasted till park closure.  Our club enjoyed dancing at the Santa Clara County Fair, a long standing tradition.  Our club's van tour of the New Almaden Quicksilver Park in May was so popular that additional tours are planned for August and September.  Our 2nd annual Barbecue & Croquet at Kirk & JoKay Bednar's again will be a grand event.  John Flora will be competing for his second entry on Bednar's "Great Croquet Challenge" trophy. 

September will be an active month for the Rockin' Jokers.  Some of our dancers will participate in a square dance hoedown at the San Jose Tapestry Arts Festival.  The following week some will go the Shady Shakespeare presentation of "Macbeth" at Sanborn Park.  Our main activity will be the mid-week joint hoedown with other Wednesday Clubs with Nasser Shukayr calling and John Flora cuing at Hyde Middle School in Cupertino.

Our club continues to grow with Bess Zimmerman as our newest member.  We expect more new members to join from the recently-completed CPSD class.  Speaking of the CPSD class, a new beginner's class will start in September at the Camden Community Center.  During the summer, there was CPSD Drop-In Intro Square Dancing at the Camden Community Center on Tuesdays.
Distant travelers this summer have been Jim & Lisa Palmer who vacationed in Tahiti, and Alan & Carol Glesser who traveled in Scotland and Massachusetts and toured Niagara Falls.

We are looking forward to our HOooooDown hoedown in October.  Those doing the planning are Marge Elizondo & Ray Bareiss, Joanne Jones and Doug & Jeri Bates.

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