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  February 2008
by Marv and Ina Tanner
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 02/08)

Our holiday celebrations are over, and we have welcomed in the 2008 New Year.  During the festivities of the holiday season, we were privileged to have Jake Shimada visit our club and call a few tips.  Jake was a recent Sunnyvale Singles caller, and he now lives in Tokyo.  We congratulated Frank and Marlene Rivas as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December.  Frank and Marlene are Life Members of the Rockin’ Jokers.  We were saddened by the passing of Norma Rosenberg.   She and her husband Ed were members and Wagonmasters for the Jokers, and were charter members of the Rockin’ Jokers.

Many of our Rockin’ Jokers enjoyed dancing at the Krazy Dazys Running Bear Hoedown.  Roger Smith, our caller, gave us a few practices for the tricky Running Bear dance.  This was our first “Visitation Dance”.  Rockin’ Jokers attending visitation dances will qualify for a club drawing of a free month’s dues.   Several of our club members traveled to King City for the 28th Annual Winter Festival.  This festival lived up to its reputation as a premier dancing weekend with top callers.  In January, we hosted the 5th Wednesday dance.

On the first Saturday of this month we will attend the CPSD Newer Dancer Hoedown.  Several of our Rockin’ Jokers are angels for the CPSD dancers, who dance on Tuesday nights.  Our Visitation Dance this month will be the Katydids Sweetheart Special with Scot Byars calling and Erin Byars cueing. 

Some of our members have been or will be traveling.  Bill and Debbie Malloy spent the week after Christmas in San Felipe, Mexico. Marv and Ina Tanner will be in Dulac, Louisiana doing hurricane relief work with a group from the Campbell United Methodist Church.

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