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  April 2008
by Lola Michael
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 04/08)

Our Circus Circus Hoedown was held on April 5 at the First Congregational Church of San Jose with Ringmaster Michael Kellogg calling and Lion Tamer John Flora cuing the rounds. John Flora and Dolores Ferrero were co-chairman of the event and did a superb job. Thank you square dancers for making our hoedown a success.

A tour of the Nunimi Automobile Assembly Plant in Fremont was arranged by Jed and Sue Cyr. The tour was very informative and everyone has a new appreciation of the work and scheduling it takes to keep an assembly line moving with a finished product at the end of the line. After the tour the group enjoyed lunch at Andiamo Cafe in Alviso.

It is Spring and the Rockin’ Jokers are restless after a rainy winter. Roger Smith and Josie Baumgartner will attend the CA Square Dance Council State Convention in Sacramento. Roger is on the program to call. Helen and Mel Grant cruised around the Hawaiian Islands. Marge Elizondo, Ray Bareiss, Bess Zimmerman, and Fred Wickman are traveling by train to San Antonio, then to Galveston to board a ship and cruise the Caribbean. Van and Anna Mae Symons are back dancing at club after spending three weeks square dancing in Arizona. Kitty & Greg LaFavor cruised through the Panama Canal and Marv and Ina Tanner enjoyed a tour in Mexico including the Copper Canyon.

The Rockin’ Jokers thank Marv and Ina Tanner for their four year dedication reporting the activities of the club.

Carol and Otto Schmid are proud grandparents of triplets. Baby girls and grandparents are doing fine. Congratulations.

Our thoughts are with Bob and Judy Hogan and Marion and Joe Pava. Bob is undergoing chemo. Bob has been a great help in compiling information and statistics for the club. Marion Pava had to have yet another operation on her knee. We wish both of these dedicated members well. Our friend Bud Erickson has also been absent with health problems. We miss Bud and the good coffee he makes for us.

Remember when? Every Saturday night there were at least two big hoedowns in the valley and you had to choose which to attend?

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