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  October 2008
by Lola Michael
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 10/08)

The Rockin' Jokers enjoyed Shakespeare's  "A Comedy of Errors" at the open theater in Sanborne Park in Saratoga.  We gathered for refreshments and visiting before the performance. 

The new T-shirts with our logo were proudly worn at the Tapestry Arts Festival event.  This was a great way to advertise our club and promote square dancing.  Thanks to Greg and Kitty LaFavor for their effort and time spent to have them made and distributed.

The "Almost Over the Hill Gang" Harold Fleeman, Roger Smith and Jim Wiley called a great hoedown.   Our own "I Can't Get Up the Hill" John Flora was the cuer for the dance.

A big welcome to new members Donna and Scott Lawrence, Linda and John Caywood, Nancy and Dave Walb, and Toni Gregorio-Bunch.

Anna Hoegel is back dancing after visiting with her family in Northern Germany.

Carol and Otto Schmid's recent cruise turned into a nightmare.  Carol's luggage was lost before they boarded the ship.  The luggage was returned two days after they were back home.

Bob and Judy Hogan just celebrated their 54th anniversary.  They have been avid square and round dancers for many years.  Bob has been under the weather and we wish him well.  

The RJ's performed at the grand opening of the ADIRA Dance and Costume Shop.  A dance troupe of belly dancers also performed.  The shop is owned by Karen Stevens and recently moved to the Willow Glenn area of San Jose. The store has a nice selection of square dance clothes and costumes. 

Get your costumes ready for the HOOoooo Down at the end of this month.  The caller will be Scott Byers from Sacramento with John Flora cueing the rounds.

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