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  November 2008
by Lola Michael
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 11/08)

Jackie Daemion, Karl Belser, Kitty and Greg LaFavor, and Sue and Jed Cyr of the Rockin’ Jokers volunteered to decorate the Fiesta Hall for the SCVSDA Jubilee.  The hall was beautifully decorated in a patriotic theme.  The Jubilee had a good slate of callers and cuers and a good time was had by all attendees.

The RJ’s HOoooDown was a huge success.  Scot Byars’ calling and John Flora’s cuing was excellent.  There were many costumes and the club appreciates the effort the dancers put into their costumes to make this a fun dance.  Twenty (20) large pumpkin and apple pies were served  the hungry goblins!   The RJ’s thank Sue and Jed Cyr for chairing this event.

Roger Smith is having great success in teaching the class for the Committee to Promote Square Dancing (CPSD).  The class is held on Thursday at 6:30pm – 9:00pm   at the Camden Community Center.  Angels are welcome and there is no charge for Angels to come and assist the new dancers.  

Many club members have been taking round dance classes.   John Flora mixes the level of round dances at club so everyone can participate.  The number of couples dancing rounds between the square dancing has increased dramatically.

Robert Burton is on our get well soon list after having surgery on his foot. 

Don’t forget to put the holiday toy dances on your calendar.  Tuesday, November 25th is the Salvation Army Toy dance and potluck.  Thursday, December 4th is the Lucky Stepper’s Toy Dance in Santa Cruz.   These two dances raise a lot of money and toys for families in our area.

Ever wonder where all the household waste water goes from the Santa Clara Valley?   A group of square dancers from various clubs toured the Water Pollution Control Plant in Alviso, and what an eye opener!   The facility was toured by bus and it was explained how 167 million gallons of waste water  is  treated  and eighteen  hours later  99% of the impurities have been removed.  The purified water is used by industry and much of this clean water flows back into the bay.  Linda Caywood is the person to thank for arranging this outing.

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