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  December 2008
by Lola Michael
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 12/08)

The holiday giving season has arrived.  The first club function of the season was the Salvation Army Toy Dance and Potluck coordinated by Jane Bishop and Eric Henerlau.   Many club members will attend the Lucky Stepper’s Toy Dance on December 4 in Santa Cruz.  Our own Roger Smith will be one of the callers for this event.  The club will also participate in a Family Giving Tree.  These events are ways to give toys and money to help the children in the valley.

The Rockin’ Jokers won the coffee prize for having the most club members in attendance at the Farmers and Farmerettes 47th Anniversary Hoedown. 

While John Flora and Dolores Ferrero were cruising through the Panama Canal, we were fortunate to have Sue Harris and Phil cueing the round dances at our club.  We enjoyed them very much.  

Harold Fleeman and Roger Smith will be calling the CPSD beginners hoedown on December 6,  at John Muir Middle School. 

The RJ’s have established a “Booster Club” for people who come and enjoy the club every week but are unable to dance.  Our first Boosters are Kevin Scott, Shirley Heffner, and Fred Wickman.  Welcome to the club.

This has been a very busy year for the RJ’s.  As a group we have participated in square dance exhibitions and attended stage plays.    We tried our skills at croquet, bocce ball, and miniature golf.   The club also spent a day at the horse races.  In between all these activities we had a wonderful picnic, hosted two big hoedowns and supported other club’s hoedowns.  We thank the activities co-chairmen Sue and Jed Cyr and Colleen and Bob Rootsaert for arranging all of these interesting events.   We also thank Roger Smith and Josie Baumgartner, John Flora and Dolores Ferrero for their dedication in making the weekly club dances a fun event.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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