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  January 2009
by Lola Michael
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 01/09)

The Rockin’ Jokers Club is beginning 2009 with a new slate of officers.  Please give them your full support.

President - Kitty and Greg LaFavor
Vice President - Greg Dorenkamp and Lisa Nordby
Secretary - JoKay and Kirk Bednar
Treasurer - John and Evie Verhagen
Director - Sue and Jed Cyr
Director - Dorothy and Marcus Haskins
Director - Carol and Jim Hood
Director - Vicky and Michael Macias
Past President - Jackie Daemion and Karl Belser

A Cross-Over Joint Board Meeting-Luncheon was held at the Fresh Choice Buffet on Dec. 14.

Congratulations are in order for John Verhagen and Evie Christianson.  They became Mr. and Mrs. Verhagen on December 19, 2008.

Anna Hoegel is the proud recipient of the Red Cross President’s Achievement Award. This award was presented to Anna for spending 4,000 plus hours volunteering at the Red Cross Blood Bank.

A large number of RJ’s attended a celebration honoring Loretta Churchill on her 90th birthday.  Loretta is an accomplished dancer and Harold Fleeman, Roger Smith, and Sue Harris kept the festivities in a happy mood with their calling and cueing.

Fifteen RJ’s attended the Dickens Christmas Faire at the Cow Palace in So. San Francisco.  The crafts, music and costumes were beautiful and unique.

Recently fifty-seven square dancers from various clubs enjoyed a guided tour at Moffet Field in Sunnyvale.  There is so much history presented in the photographs and documents it is hard to absorb it all in one visit. .  We were fortunate to see a dirigible ascending while we were there.

Doug Bates has taken a leave of absence while undergoing a knee replacement.  Sue Cyr and Dorothy Haskins have had knee surgery. 

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