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  August 2009
by Carol Hood
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 08/09)

July started with a trip to Fort Bragg for many RJ’s over the 4th of July weekend for square dancing.

Our Annual Club Picnic was July 18th and our visitation was that evening with the Lucky Steppers 51st Anniversary Dance. A big thank you goes to Jim Kauss and Patty Stevens for making all of the arrangements for our wonderful picnic.

Many RJ, family and friends enjoyed a bus trip to the Jelly Belly Factory and Budwieser Brewery July 23rd.

Our local San Jose Giants baseball game was attended on July 31st.

Summer is not keeping us from slowing down - our August Calendar is filling up quickly, starting with a planned Visitation - Starlight Hoedown sponsored by CPSD at Adira Dance and Costume, Parking Lot, 1202 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose. There will be Pre-Rounds with our own John Flora from 7:30 to 8:00, Plus Level with Gary Carnes from 8:00 to 10:00.

A BBQ and Croquet is planned at Kirk and JoKays.  Croquet at 3:00 and Potluck Dinner at 5:30. Thank you to Kirk and JoKay for hosting the event.  It will be fun to see who the croquet champ is this year.

The RJ, along with Beaus & Bows and Krazy Dazys are sponsoring a Mid Week Hoedown with Ken Ritucci on August 19th, Cambrian Park United Methodist Church, 1919 Gunston Way, San Jose.

We are ending the month on Friday, August 28th -with a play “As You Like It” with the Shady Shakespeare Co., 16055 Sanborn Rd, Saratoga.  Pot Luck at 5:00 p.m. and Play at 7:00.

All of the August information and more can be found on our web site:   Please check it out.

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