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  February 2010
by Michael Macias
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 02/10)

The New Year started Rockin’ with our new President Vicky Macias!  I am grateful to be her husband and support.  We also welcomed in our new Vice President Marion Pava and new Board Member Ed Rosenberg!  We closed out the past year with our Visitation Dance on December 30th with representatives from all around the Valley comprising 8 squares.  We were very grateful to have Jim Osborne join our own Roger Smith provide some fun calling that evening.  John Flora qued to a very full house and even found time to join the fun on the floor.  We also welcomed new members, Valerie & Bob Kushner.  Bob & Valerie had danced previously with the Dixie Derby’s.

January started out quickly with the Krazy Dazys’ Running Bear Visitation Dance.  Eric Henerlau provided us with some sensational, challenging, and very fun Calling.  We had many successful squares navigate Running Bear full speed with Jim Osborne again running us through the paces.  Sue & Phil Harris rounded out our evening with their inspiring queuing. How fun is this annual event! 

Don’t Stop, Don’t Slow Down, as we all headed a bit south to Winter Festival in King City the following weekend.  This was the 30th Annual Winter Festival.  This dance continues to live up to its reputation as one of the “must be” dances of the year.  With World Renown Callers, Jerry Story, Bob Baier, Tony Oxendine, special guest callers Bronc Wise, Jet Roberts, and Radka & Steve Sandeman providing our queuing, how could dancing be any better?  With Gary Carnes calling at the After Party, that’s how!  Our Rockin’ Jokers were once again well represented with 5+ squares.  We all got together late Saturday afternoon for a square meal to keep us Rockin’ the rest of the evening.

January rounded out the month with joining some wonderful Banjo playing friends for Dinner at the City Diner Friday evening.  Our very own Sue Cyr keeps our Club Rockin’ with sensational social activities each month.

2010 is the 5th Anniversary of the Rockin’ Jokers!  Please mark your calendars and sign up now for our “Circus Circus” Anniversary Party on Saturday, May 1st.  Tony Oxendine will be Calling and our own John Flora and D~ Ferrero will round out our Queing.You can find the sign up sheet for this Extravaganza and all other Rockn’ Joker happenings at  See you soon!

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