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  April 2010
by Michael Macias
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 04/10)

Spin the top!  Wow, this year continues to spin with all kinds of exciting happenings.  Our Club just completed our “Lunar Golf” activity at the Great Mall in Milpitas.  We had 22 golfers.  We started with a great dinner to fortify us through the evening of miniature golfing.  There were several that walked away with a hole in one, but it was your’s truly that came away with the coveted perpetual trophy.   Several later indicated that competition would be a bit tougher next year.  Was that a challenge??? 

One of our favorites, Jim Osborne called at the Sunnyvale Singles Spring Fling.  Our Rockin’ Jokers were well represented and may have been the cause of recent reported seismic activity as the hall was a rockin’! 

The dust didn’t clear before the Rockin’ Jokers headed over to visit the Clodhopper’s 63rd Anniversary Dance.  Scott Byars & John Flora put us through the paces.  This was one fun dance.  Thank you Clodhoppers for putting this together!  We will be back next year.

The Club changed from Red & Black to all shades of Green as we celebrated our Party Night in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.   Many reported seeing a leprechaun or two.  This club knows how to party and how to welcome visitors! 

By month end, with Spring in the air, what better way to end the month but to Follow our Neighbors over to the Krazy Dazy’s!  They rolled out the red carpet and all had a great time making new friends and getting reacquainted with each other. 

Don’t forget to keep May 1st on your dancing calendar as our Club celebrates our 5th Anniversary Dance, “Circus Circus” with Tony Oxendine making the calls and our own John Flora and D~Ferrero queing our Rounds.  This dance will exceed your expectations! You can find the sign up sheet for this Extravaganza and all other Rockin’ Joker events at   Thaaaank Youuuu!

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