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  May 2010
by Michael Macias
(Published in Squares 'Round the Bay, 05/10)

Interested in some fun dancing and mingling with some really fun people?  Then Follow Your Neighbors over to the Rockin’ Jokers.  We started out April by dancing again for the Sunnyview Retirement Center.  Our own Roger Smith graciously provided his Calling Talents and together we provided miles of smiles to all in attendance.   Afterwards, a quick visit to Armadillo Willy’s ensured our tummies were filled and we were once again, ready to “Rock.” 

The California State Square Dance Convention in Fresno brought us together again to mingle with great dancers from all around the State.   This was the 50th anniversary for this event and again proved to be one of the best dances ever!  Callers included Bob Baier, Tim Crawford, Dan Nordbye, Tony Oxedine, and Charlie Robertson.  How could this be better?  How about Rounds with Bob & Sally Nolen, Trenna & Bruce Chadd, peter & Chama Gomez and a string of others, including our own John Flora!  This proved to be a memorable event.  If you were there, you know first hand what a good time all had.  If you missed it, so sorry. 

In celebration for growing Callers in the neighborhood, Rockin’ Jokers held their annual Amateur Callers Night this past month.  It was evident that these Callers not only took this seriously, but they had real talent!  Our Amateur Callers included Gary Evens, John Caywood, Mike & Joanie Murphy, Karl Belser, Allen Glesser, Bob Steele, Teri Cosentino, Marcus Haskins, and Tex Tyner.  Thank you Amateur Callers!

As good as all this was, our REALLY BIG event is here!!!  Rockin’ Jokers has their 5th Anniversary Circus Circus Celebration happening on Saturday, May 1st!  Tony Oxedine will be the Caller and John Flora with D~Ferrero will be Cueing our Rounds.  Get your ribbons as soon as you can.  Follow up on this extravaganza next month. For more information on this and all other Rockin’ Joker happenings check out our web site at  Until next month, Yellow Rock!!

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