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Adapted from an e-mail by John Flora
November 2, 2005

John Flora was born in Southern California in 1965 and learned to square dance from Bob Robey in Los Gatos in 1980.  His partner was Bob's daughter, and when she moved away, John stopped dancing for several years.  He got hooked again at the 1983 Santa Clara County Fair.  He joined Arlan Wright’s beginner’s class with the Skirts and Flirts, a couples only club, at the American Legion Hall in Campbell.   When John lost this partner again he joined the San Jose Bachelors 'n' Bachelorettes.

The same 1983 County Fair introduced John to round dancing, and since he was a ballroom dancer he had no trouble with the simple rounds.  He decided then and there to become a round dancer.  He took lessons from many of the great local teachers of the day -- Jim and Barbara Barnes, Larry Segall and Elaine Andrews, Clark and Maxine Smith, Koit and Helen Tullus, and his most inspirational teacher, Anndrea Stephan, who he came to call "Mom".  By the end of 1983 John had learned to cue many rounds, and when Anndrea moved to Southern California he was qualified to take over her two clubs and a beginner’s class.

John has cued and taught Basic through Phase IV round dancing for twenty years.  He has also been a guest cuer for clubs and conventions across the United States.  He currently cues for the Stanford Quads (where he is also a member), and the Rockin' Jokers. 

John has choreographed several songs including "So Nice To Be With You" (1986), "Croc Rock" (1989). and "A Slow Two-Step in the Night" (1999).

Outside of dancing John is an independent businessman whose company does ancestry research.  For more information see his web site

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