Valentine's Day 2006
Photos by Karl Belser

Allen and Carol
Allen & Corol Glesser

Bill and Bernice
Bill & Bernice Stowell

Bill and Debbie
Bill & Debbie Malloy

Bill and Lola
Bill Steinberg & Lola Michael

Bill and Norma
Bill Rush & Norma

Bob and Annie
Bob & Annie Bennett

Bob and Ester
Bob & Ester Burton

Frank and Betty
Frank & Betty Kistler

Gary and Blandine
Gary Evans & Blandine

Hans and Royce and ?
Bruce, Barbara, Royce & Hans

Harold and Lee
Harold & Lee Fleeman

Jed and Sue
Jed & Sue Cry

Jerry and Shirley
Jerry Tabacco & Shirley Halll

Karl and Jackie
Karl Belser & Jackie Daemion

Kirk and JoKay
Kirk & JoKay Bednar

Lee, Steven and Josie
Lee Fleeman, Stephen Boone &
Josie Baumgartner

Lynn and Adrianne
Lynn & Adrianne Hahn

Marv and Ina
Marv & Ina Tanner

Mel and Helen
Mel & Helen Grant

Otto and Carol
Otto & Carol Schmid

Pete and Mary
Pete & Mary Talanay

Ray and Marge
Ray Bareiss & Marge Elizondo

Rager and Charlene
Roger & Char Hemsley

Roger and Josie
Roger Smith & Josie Baumgartner

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